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Radioactive by Argentievetri

This is a great drawing, the fact that you choose to make it at night and adding mist to it, gives the chills of a hard and long battle...


Featuring Galatea/doe/blackwood/ witch, Mentioning of Zayden/ Stag/ Blackwood/Apiring Soldier
Early Autumm, Y763 NA
Blackwood, Widow's Hollow

The blue roan doe which coat was in the process of getting lighter because of her winter roan gene that would help her during those cold winter months blend better with the environment is currently looking for some herbs to boost her black magic, most importantly her rare enthralling strand of magic, which currently she is using it to manipulate a gray mouse to do her binding. She had managed to enslave the small creature to do her binding. She needs some Crow’s Wing Moss a black lichen that could be used to heighten her magic, but the patch she had found is growing in a humid intricate system of roots of a rotting tree, she couldn’t really get to it without some difficulty, her large body would make the task practically impossible, even if she knelt down on the ground and risk getting caught unaware by some predator like a wolf or an ice bear, heck maybe even another fawnling. In her dark home that the sun barely penetrated with its warmth, you couldn’t forget for a second to look behind you, to your side, or even in front of you or you would be dead in a matter of minutes. Galatea could have also tried to use her body weight to bring the tree down if it is rotten enough, but then, it would probably leave her with the problem of a stump remaining, since it wasn’t completely rotten yet. It wasn’t that much of an old tree a pine tree to be exact, barely 3 meters high and not that wide either, but that also brought another   problem what if she in the process stabbed herself with a piece of the darn tree, the wound could infect or the scent of the blood attract a predator, the risk and the work not really worth it if she had to do it that way. It would be much better then to look for another patch of the lichen which is fairly common in Blackwood.

However, her luck changed when the small furry creature had emerged from the roots, frightened by the huge doe, and she took her opportunity to quickly enslave it when it looked up at her face, the mouse couldn’t break eye contact and immediately lost his or her own will, the gender didn’t really matter to the doe. The mouse is indeed a very useful tool for the craft at hand. With delicate paws, it could harvest the lichen without damaging it and little by little it brought loads of the stuff to the doe’s hooves, making her grin causing her to show her sharp gleaming tusks. Some minutes later and the mouse had managed to scrape a nice amount of the black lichen. She takes it and puts it inside a herb pouch she carries on her neck all the time, it was made from badger fur, very soft to the touch, her friend Zayden the sooty chestnut stag had given it to her in one of their encounters, maybe she should visit him soon, to see what else she could obtain from him.

Galatea thinks for a moment of what she could do next with the mouse. She wonders how good her magic is really getting at an idea occurs to her making her grin again like a fawn having found its favorite playmate, of course there is nothing innocent about that grin of hers. Using her powers, she makes the mouse come closer to her, until it stands right in front of her hooves and then she lifts a heavy hoof, letting the mouse see it, and slowly she brings it down until the hoof is barely touching it and the mouse’s head doesn’t move or squeak in fear of the impending down over its head, she had total control of the furry thing.  With a chuckle the blue roan doe raises her hoof again, she is very pleased with the result of today and feels generous, besides the mouse had indeed been a very useful tool, so she let it free from her hold, sparring its insignificant life. The small gray mouse blinks a couple of times and then with a frightened shriek runs to get away from the doe when its finally back to its senses and notices the dangerous doe in front of it, towards another tree, soon enough disappearing from sight. Galatea doesn’t bother herself with seeing where the mouse went to.

The doe takes a deep breath taking in the cooling air of autumn in her lungs before shaking her coat from the falling pine needdles that had fallen on it, taking a few seconds of rest after using her magic and contemplating what she achieved before going on her way, crunching some frost with her heavy hooves as she does.  Now all she had to do is go back to her den and consume today’s booty. In her way however she is detoured by a small patch of growing grass that hasn’t been gnawed on by other creatures, oh yes this is indeed a pretty nice day for her. She stops to consume the grass eating as much as she could and continues her way home, making another stop near her den to drink some water from a small stream. When she finally gets home she inspects the area for any danger like she did every time, and takes a few more minutes to sweep away the pine needles that had fallen on the path to her den and the entrance of the den, to see better if someone or something had passed or intrude her sanctuary when she wasn’t around. Footprints would be more easily imprinted on the clear soil that soil covered by pine needles. Besides it also made her den look more organized and she when receiving clients looking for her services as a witch… well almost she has the rank of a witch, she liked to look professional to say, her den organized even if she has many things in it, pelts, bones, tooth, plants, etc all over the place.

Getting inside, she lays down on a corner, taking the herb pouch off her neck and nosing around looking for it’s contents. Finding the Crow’s Wing Moss she begins to consume it. The lichen isn’t the tastiest thing in the world, the texture leathery and waxy, but it was helpful.
Lady Lorelei/Filly/Glenmore Royal by Ookamigirl00
Lady Lorelei/Filly/Glenmore Royal
Basic Information
Name: Lorelei
Nickname: Lei
Gender: Filly
Age: 2 years (pictured as a 10 year old)
Old Reff:…
Year of Birth: Summer 763
Height: Predicted height 9.2hh
Build: Medium-light
Phenotype: Smoky Grullo
Genotype: EE/aa/nCr/Dd/fwfws/rzrz
Eye Colour: Hazel
Design Sheet: not yet

Sire: Lord Knox| Stag| Glenmore| Lord

Bloodline: Glenmore 100%

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 5 [No Level]
Stamina: 3 [No Level]
Strength: 1 [No Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 1 [No Level]
Herbs: 0 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+5 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+1 magic - hereditary bonus

Herd Information
Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Royal
Mate(s): Too young
Current Location: Glenmore


Personality: As a youngster she tries very hard to please both of her parents, specially her father since she very rarely sees him. She does her best to be the perfect royal doe, and do what is expected of her, she has a very naive ad kind personality. She tries very hard, but that changes as she gets older, she gets tired of trying to please a father that doesn’t pay her much attention. Her naiveness begins dying out as she sees the reality she lives in, she never stops being kind thought. She gets tired to try and please a herd were does have no voice and are treated like property. She wants more to life than just to be there to please stags and produce babies. So with time in her heart a rebellious feeling begin growing stronger and stronger each day.

Appearance: She isn’t the lightest looking royal nor the prettiest looking, but she is light enough to not be considered too ugly for a lord to take her in as part of his harem. She likes having flowers through her mane and tail.

She has a  killer hairstyle, she has a bun and a hairpin (made with a tree branch), that has some flowers, she keeps alive with her magic, and she has three fishtail braids, that interlock. Her frosty mane giving her hair a highlight look, like she had dyed it.

In autuum she grows a unicorn like horn

She was born as a royal baby from the union Lord Knox and Lady Deirbhealla.

 Orginal desing by TigressDesign  Knox x Candra Fawn 763
Bojan comission for brytewolf by Ookamigirl00
Bojan comission for brytewolf
Here we have Bojan apparently patrolling Blackwood territory.
Bojan belongs to brytewolf
Hope you like him


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Puerto Rico
I can't pay in points or money, but I can do art trades, or create designs in exchange for them.

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