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Radioactive by Argentievetri

This is a great drawing, the fact that you choose to make it at night and adding mist to it, gives the chills of a hard and long battle...


Bojan comission for brytewolf by Ookamigirl00
Bojan comission for brytewolf
Here we have Bojan apparently patrolling Blackwood territory.
Bojan belongs to brytewolf
Hope you like him
Galatea/doe/blackwood/ witch
Name: Galatea
Nickname: Gala
Age: 10
Year of Birth: Spring _755___ of the New Age
Height: 13hh
Build: Heavy
Phenotype: Sooty Seal Bay Roan Winter Roan Restricted Smoky Fawn
Genotype: Ee/Ata/StySty/RnRnW/fwsfws/nRx
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet: Batch 14 | Festive Fawnling Giveaway 2015

Sire: Blackwood NPC Stag
Dam: Blackwood NPC Doe
Bloodline: Blackwood 100 %
Magic Type: Black Magic
Enthralling 10
Possession 0

Skill Points

Speed: 2 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 9 points max)
Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]
Strength: 5 [Basic Level]


Enthralling 10 Medium level
Possession 0
Herbs: 1 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+5 strength - base bonus
+10 magic - starter bonus
+1 herbs - starter bonus

Herd Information
Herd: Blackwood
Herd Position: Pending Witch
Mate(s): N/A
Current Location: Blackwood

Personality: She is a sneaky, smart and cunning doe, add being a bit hot headed sometimes. She loves to explore new places, be it in her homeland or in other kingdoms. Gala also loves collecting herbs or trinkets that help her on her crafts, or as a payment she might also ask fawnlings to bring her certain items.

Appearance: (include trinkets, scars etc. Here you may hint whether you imagine the character with light or dark coat, favored or disliked by its looks within the herd etc)
  • She has braided several pieces of  twine attached to her mane and tail with tiny thorns
  • The scar  on her front leg, torso area and flank come from her coming of age ritual, she slipped and a wolf leapt at her biting her and leaving claw marks too, she managed to get away trashing, a rear hoof caught the wolf in the side and sent him flying, said wolf was the one she carried  back to the  herd to complete the trial, she still has it in her den.
  • A scar on her left eye and several other come from skirmishes.
  • She has tusks instead of a horn
  • In winter she changes coat color to blend better with the snow, it can be seen on her design sheet

753 spring: She was born






Autumn: She passes her coming of age ritual, thought gains several wounds that leave many scars behind.







Balalaika/ Silverthorne/ Soldier by Ookamigirl00
Balalaika/ Silverthorne/ Soldier

Basic Information
Name: Balalaika;  Nickname:Lai
Gender: Doe
Year of Birth: _755 spring___ of the New Age (may also be written as Y759 NA)
Height: 11.2hh
Build: Medium
Amber Champagne Max Part Restricted Fawn
Eye Colour: Hazel
Design Sheet:…  

Sire: ST stag
Dam: ST doe
Bloodline: 100%ST
Magic Type: Fire magic(see
Magic Journal)

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 4 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 19 points max)

Stamina: 3 [Basic Level]

Strength: 3 [Basic Level]


Magic: 10 [Medium Level]

Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]


Experience: 0



+4 speed - base bonus

+3 stamina - base bonus

+2 strength - base bonus

+1 strength - starter bonus

+10 magic - starter bonus

Herd Information
Herd:  Silverthorne
Herd Position: soldier
Current Location: The Silverwood

Personality: A headstrong doe that doesn’t bow to the traditional ways of her herd of course she keeps this as a secret, but she is currently using her herd’s army to gain certain skills so when the time comes, she can get the freedom she so much desires. Every rut she goes to hide in the Ash Plains to avoid stags looking to cover does, right now she doesn’t want a stag to claim her. She doesn’t really believe on the Gods of her herd, just keeps appearances.

Appearance: Lai had extensive white markings on her underside and face, the top of her body covered in a gorgeous rich color.  She has some feathers adorning her mane and tail and some scars she had gotten in her recruit training.

History: She was born to a traditional ST couple that from birth taught her the ways of the herd, that does were to be quiet and follow the lead of stags, and their duty as to bear strong fawns for the herd. She grew up despising the idea on how does were limited with their growth within the herd and the number of fawns they could have. In the past, she had had run-ins with very strict and traditionalist members of her herd which had left her fuming. However, she kept quiet on her thoughts and decided to join the military to be able to get stronger so one day she could escape the herd. She had a certain encounter in the past with a blackwood stag that pushes her to become stronger, so one day she could either go to Blackwood and live under the mother or go to Windborne, which she had heard rumors of treating does with respect too.


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Puerto Rico
I can't pay in points or money, but I can do art trades, or create designs in exchange for them.

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